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Race Report: 2014 Whidbey Island Half Marathon

Running this year's half marathon was awesome for a couple of reasons. First off, hubby was home so he was able to be with the kids AND cheer me on. It was also the 3rd in a series of 3 - so all of my race medals match! (It really is all about the race… Continue reading Race Report: 2014 Whidbey Island Half Marathon

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Goals and Year End Stuff

I had a whole list of goals this year, and many were accomplished. One was to run/ride at least 500 miles. Yeah, that one didn't happen. (I checked my stats and I hit a dismal* 180 miles.) I killed myself last year running crazy miles to achieve the goal of 300. I felt great though,… Continue reading Goals and Year End Stuff

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Bittersweet Love Affair

Ah, sweet Half Marathon. We started out not sure if we would like each other very much a couple of years ago. You with your attractive 13.1, me with my newly healed shins and proper running shoes. It was destiny, seeing you across the "room" of Honolulu. Then you made eye contact with me and… Continue reading Bittersweet Love Affair

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Downsizing, Reorganizing, Purging, Moving and Other Things I’m Grateful For

I love a new year. I love the clean slate feeling. Perhaps it's not just the clean slate, but more spring being on the horizon. (And yes, you can have a "clean slate" every day - no need to wait until "monday", "tomorrow", "next month" or even a new year.) For me, that clean slate… Continue reading Downsizing, Reorganizing, Purging, Moving and Other Things I’m Grateful For

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Today was the last race before Eric's departure. Kind of bittersweet, but I really didn't have time to dwell too much on it because I was SO completely unprepared for today in every way that I just had to muddle through. Flying by the seat of my pants, I snoozed longer than I should have… Continue reading Preparation

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Whidbey Island Half Marathon

Just had to share the pictures from last weekend! This one was about mile 4-5 🙂 Feeling great and loving the sunshine that morning despite the cold temp!   The rest of the pics are from the finish line.....     It seems like I do this at the end of every run. I don't… Continue reading Whidbey Island Half Marathon

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New PR!

As always, I do my best thinking while running and had a million thoughts and ideas for this post and now I'm ready to jot it all out and can't remember half of them!! Here is what I DO remember: 1. I ran my 3rd half marathon today. While I still struggle to get (and… Continue reading New PR!