Resolutions or Goals?

It’s that time of year where we take stock and reevaluate and set goals! Or when we think about our intentions for the next year. Or maybe you are in the camp of not doing anything of the sort. Either way, the end of the year is here!

I went back and reviewed the blog post from last year. Oh how funny and optimistic I was – not having a clue what “fun” 2020 would be. I had some goals – 350 miles on legs (running and walking), getting back to my fighting weight (working on that still), and to read 40 books.

As of right now, I’m on book number 99 so one more and I smashed that goal! I love reading and Goodreads makes it easy to review and set goals and get others’ reviews on current reads.

Goals for mileage were blown up and achieved in the latter part of the year when the Peloton arrived, although the walk/run goal was done throughout the year. Not too shabby for 2020, if I do say so myself. Looks like I will be upping that cycling mileage goal this year for sure!

What goals or resolutions do you set for yourself? How is your 2021 outlook?

Honestly, this year has GOT to be better, right?!

New Year’s Wish

It’s another new year and of course all the “new year, new you” stuff is flying fast and furious.

Yes, it’s a new year. Yes, there are 365 days to write your next chapter. It is awesome. We all have the power to effect positive changes, though – any time we choose. We don’t need a new year, a new season, a new month or a Monday.

Here’s my wish for you for New Year’s health and fitness resolutions:

Forget the weight. Stop obsessing about “what you weighed in high school”. Don’t fixate on a number on a scale. Seriously. It measures your relationship with gravity. Turn your focus elsewhere. Focus instead on strength. If you run, focus on pace or distance or form. How do you feel? Are you winded climbing one flight of stairs? Do you have energy (without caffeine) to get through the day? How do your clothes fit? These things are much more indicative of health then overall weight. Really. Let it go. Get brave and throw out the scale! (If you must measure something because you have to have tangible evidence of progress, take your measurements; waist, hips, chest, arm and leg!)

Find something you love to do. Do you loathe the dreadmill? Why do it then?! If you hate doing something, it’s not going to stick. There are a bazillion ways to move your body. Surely there is at least one way to move that doesn’t make you feel like poking your eye out. Figure out what that thing is and do it! A body in motion stays in motion – it’s more than just some funny saying.

Focus on adding things in. Instead of making giant sweeping changes that make you hate your life, hate your food and crave crap, why not try something different? Less deprivation and more inclusion. Want to eat less junky foods? Great! Focus on adding in fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat the rainbow! Try a new fruit that you’ve never had. Have you seen the selection at most grocery stores? There’s likely some produce you’ve never tried. If you are full of whole, healthy foods, you will crave junky foods less. Want to include more exercise? Awesome. Instead of drastic measures like “I’m going to workout 7 times a week!”start from where you are. If you never workout, try including 1-2 workouts per week. Already pretty consistent? Try adding in 1 more workout if that’s your goal.

Sleep. Get more of it. Really. Your phone will still be there in the morning. If you drink caffeine, stop drinking it after noon so it won’t affect your sleep. There are many studies that link unhealth to lack of sleep. Check a few out here, here, and here.

Make the decision. If you are making health and fitness goals, awesome! Do it. Make a plan, follow through. If it doesn’t work, that’s fine – but don’t you dare give up! My trainer used to say, “Quit quitting on yourself!” She was right! Reformulate your plan. Adjust. Learn what doesn’t work for you, and why. Get help. Seek advice from your doctor or a registered dietician. Hire a personal trainer. Have people on your team guiding you toward your goals!

Less apologizing. No saying “I’m sorry,” because you can’t do a push up on your toes, balance the way you think you should, or run a mile. There is no need for an apology. Your fitness level is what it is. We work from where we are and make progress. As a trainer, I promise you – I’m not judging. I want to help you get where you want to be. No apologies necessary.


Here’s to a healthy and successful 2016!

Goals and Year End Stuff

I had a whole list of goals this year, and many were accomplished. One was to run/ride at least 500 miles. Yeah, that one didn’t happen. (I checked my stats and I hit a dismal* 180 miles.) I killed myself last year running crazy miles to achieve the goal of 300. I felt great though, and the feeling of getting something done I had set out to do was an awesome feeling. As the saying goes, fail to plan and you’ll hit it every time. Here were some of the things on my “to do in 2013” list:

*Tough Mudder
*Spin Certification
*Group Exercise Certification
*Whidbey Half Marathon
*Whidbey Triathlon

This year has been different in some ways. The hubs returned from a long deployment, we settled into new routines, I continued working out, but definitely not at the pace I had kept up the last two years. And I’m feeling it. I actually haven’t been running since the Tough Mudder in October.

Ugh. It makes me sick to even type that.

I know I need to run. My body craves it. I’ve been focused on teaching spin, the kiddos, and being active daily, but not in a measurable way like before. For me, concrete, tangible goals make a huge difference.

Looking forward to the new year, I’m not one to make hard core resolutions. I do like to take stock of what transpired the year before and think about what I’d like to do differently or better in the next. So that’s what I’m in the midst of doing currently. And as part of those goals and planning for the next year, our upcoming PCS move next summer, and the not knowing what life will bring – I have signed up for a few races already:

*Resolution 5k/Polar Plunge (I’ll be skipping the dip into Puget Sound in January, thankyouverymuch!)
*Sweetheart 5K/10k
*St. Patricks Day 5k (Did that one last year with the minions)
*Whidbey Half Marathon
*5/5/5 Duathlon 5 miles on the spin bike, 5k run, followed up by another 5k

2014 has 365 days in it – just like every brand new year. But really, a January 1st isn’t necessary to fulfill goals and dreams. We are given a new start every single morning we wake up. So for my next 365 – I want to maintain that mindset, that each day is a fresh start, a day to work at goals, getting better and making the choices that support the health of not only me, but of my family.

Do you make resolutions? If so, are you able to keep them?

*Let me clarify that when I say the word “dismal” about 180 miles, those who run 500+ miles will understand. For non-runners, 180 miles seems like it’s a lot. It’s all about perspective.

Miles and Other Stuff

I did it.

I set a goal this year to do what a friend of mine had accomplished a couple of years ago when I was just starting out on this crazy fitness journey. I remember thinking that her milage was just crazy! How could anyone with 2 legs really run that much in a year?

I’m grinning ear to ear as I type this: I ran 300.14 miles this year. On my legs. These legs carried me through:

A biathlon

5-Miler Tulip Trail Run

2 Half Marathons

a 10k

five 5k races

a 5k Warrior Dash mud run

…not to mention moving, deployment, and kiddos with which to train!

Not all the goals I set out to accomplish in 2012 were met – I am especially proud of this one mileage goal. I set out to do it and despite excuses, setbacks, self-doubt, inconvenience, pain, deployments, etc. I DID IT ANYWAY. I got it done.

I am proud of that.

Happy new year! Happy Running! Here’s to many more miles and accomplished goals in 2013!



The year ending always makes me a bit reflective (yeah, ok. I reflect and analyze and ruminate all stinkin’ year long!) but a new year always stirs up feelings of a fresh start, a new outlook and a looking forward of things to come.

As I was reading Shut up and Run, her post of More of this, Less of That in 2013 got me to thinking, What do I need more and less of in my life?

Here’s my list (inspired by SUAR):

1.  More being in the moment with my kids and being a “yes” momLess “in a minute,” “Okay, but…,” and “No…”

2.  More Running. More mental clarity through physical activity be it with kidlets or solo. Less worrying about pace, PRs and races.

3.  More enjoying my kids and the stage they are in right now, Less wishing and wasting time away. (Regardless of deployments)

4.  More playing, Less To-Do lists and agendas

5.  More reading, Less Facebook. A lot less Facebook. Less Pinterest. Less wasting time looking at screens.

6.  More go with the flow, Less micromanaging and needing things “perfect”.

7.  More sleep, Less staying awake way past my bedtime!

8.  More dropping everything to soak up the sun, Less complaining about the rain.

9.  More miles, Fewer excuses and reasons not to lace up and go

10.  More slowing down, Less rushing and hurrying

11.  (The exact opposite of #10 with regard to running!)

12. More greens, Less garbage in my system!

So there you have it….my list. More or less…..

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