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Resolutions or Goals?

It's that time of year where we take stock and reevaluate and set goals! Or when we think about our intentions for the next year. Or maybe you are in the camp of not doing anything of the sort. Either way, the end of the year is here! I went back and reviewed the blog… Continue reading Resolutions or Goals?

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New Year’s Wish

It's another new year and of course all the "new year, new you" stuff is flying fast and furious. Yes, it's a new year. Yes, there are 365 days to write your next chapter. It is awesome. We all have the power to effect positive changes, though - any time we choose. We don't need… Continue reading New Year’s Wish

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Goals and Year End Stuff

I had a whole list of goals this year, and many were accomplished. One was to run/ride at least 500 miles. Yeah, that one didn't happen. (I checked my stats and I hit a dismal* 180 miles.) I killed myself last year running crazy miles to achieve the goal of 300. I felt great though,… Continue reading Goals and Year End Stuff

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Miles and Other Stuff

I did it. I set a goal this year to do what a friend of mine had accomplished a couple of years ago when I was just starting out on this crazy fitness journey. I remember thinking that her milage was just crazy! How could anyone with 2 legs really run that much in a… Continue reading Miles and Other Stuff

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The year ending always makes me a bit reflective (yeah, ok. I reflect and analyze and ruminate all stinkin' year long!) but a new year always stirs up feelings of a fresh start, a new outlook and a looking forward of things to come. As I was reading Shut up and Run, her post of… Continue reading Reflecting….