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New Year’s Wish

It's another new year and of course all the "new year, new you" stuff is flying fast and furious. Yes, it's a new year. Yes, there are 365 days to write your next chapter. It is awesome. We all have the power to effect positive changes, though - any time we choose. We don't need… Continue reading New Year’s Wish

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I love this season. Reflections, taking stock of accomplishments, setting new goals, appreciating the good of the past while looking ahead with anticipation of what the next year might bring. Lately much of what I hear at the gym is, something along the lines of, "Oh yeah, just wait until January! All the New Years'… Continue reading Resolutioners

Faith and Personal Growth


The year ending always makes me a bit reflective (yeah, ok. I reflect and analyze and ruminate all stinkin' year long!) but a new year always stirs up feelings of a fresh start, a new outlook and a looking forward of things to come. As I was reading Shut up and Run, her post of… Continue reading Reflecting….