The year ending always makes me a bit reflective (yeah, ok. I reflect and analyze and ruminate all stinkin’ year long!) but a new year always stirs up feelings of a fresh start, a new outlook and a looking forward of things to come.

As I was reading Shut up and Run, her post of More of this, Less of That in 2013 got me to thinking, What do I need more and less of in my life?

Here’s my list (inspired by SUAR):

1.  More being in the moment with my kids and being a “yes” momLess “in a minute,” “Okay, but…,” and “No…”

2.  More Running. More mental clarity through physical activity be it with kidlets or solo. Less worrying about pace, PRs and races.

3.  More enjoying my kids and the stage they are in right now, Less wishing and wasting time away. (Regardless of deployments)

4.  More playing, Less To-Do lists and agendas

5.  More reading, Less Facebook. A lot less Facebook. Less Pinterest. Less wasting time looking at screens.

6.  More go with the flow, Less micromanaging and needing things “perfect”.

7.  More sleep, Less staying awake way past my bedtime!

8.  More dropping everything to soak up the sun, Less complaining about the rain.

9.  More miles, Fewer excuses and reasons not to lace up and go

10.  More slowing down, Less rushing and hurrying

11.  (The exact opposite of #10 with regard to running!)

12. More greens, Less garbage in my system!

So there you have it….my list. More or less…..


What do you think?

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