An Experiment

I’ve noticed lately that more often than not, I am saying “No.” to the kids. All the time. Or I’m saying “not right now”, “later”, “in a minute”, etc. I don’t want to be that mom. The negative mom that you hear in the store that sounds angry, hurried and just bothered by being a parent.

So I am conducting an experiment: I am going to say “Yes.” All day long. (With the obvious caveat that if they want to hurt each other or go play in traffic, that’s gonna be a no.) But to say yes, and really really do it. Jacob wants a piggy back ride – YES! Hannah wants to play dollhouse? Sure!! Do they really care about the pile of dishes in the sink? They don’t care about my “to-do” list. They just want me. And that’s pretty cool.

To engage and eliminate those negative, not now, maybe laters that never come, and work on being a Yes Mom!

Today that is my aim.

(And get in a run if there is time!)

Time to play….



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