Downsizing, Reorganizing, Purging, Moving and Other Things I’m Grateful For

I love a new year. I love the clean slate feeling. Perhaps it’s not just the clean slate, but more spring being on the horizon. (And yes, you can have a “clean slate” every day – no need to wait until “monday”, “tomorrow”, “next month” or even a new year.)

For me, that clean slate feeling also comes every time we move (and being in the military, we do it often!) While the hubbs is home, we are currently in the midst of packing, downsizing, purging and reorganizing as we prepare to move into base housing in 3 weeks. Moving in the military, while it can be stressful, really is the way to go because they come in and do it for you. Usually in 1-2 days they wrap, box up, and put everything you own on a truck. It’s quite amazing just how fast it can get done. (Especially when they aren’t oohing and ahhhing over things not seen since the last move!) This time however, we are doing it on our own. Pack a box here, a box there, non-essentials that we won’t need for a couple weeks, play with the kids, make a meal, pack a box, put kids to bed, pack a box, fold laundry, pack a box, do some dishes, pack a box, then collapse into bed. It’s so sloooooooow. But, when its all said and done, I am happy to say we will be in a cute new house with a giant kitchen that will make this foodie very happy!

This clean slate will also overlap into my running a bit with my first race event of 2013! I’m running a half marathon tomorrow and am getting really excited! I’m doubting any PR potential, but I just want to start the year off with a feel-good race and see what happens. The new iPod shuffle will get it’s race inauguration as well! We did a practice run this week and I am in LOVE with this thing! I felt so free running without my phone strapped to my arm! (Yes we are still living prehistorically with no smart phones!)


It’s so stinking tiny!! And, like all Apple products – so simple and intuitive to use. I remember roller skating in my driveway with this monster:


I am so grateful for technology!

So fun and armed with my Gu and warm running pants – I’m ready to run!!


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