Wonder and Grattitude

As we gear up to move I find myself more and more excited. I love to move. Really. Yes, it’s a headache, yes, it’s even more of a trauma with kiddos, but I still love it. Taking the time to review belongings, purging what is no longer needed, cleaning and gearing up for the big day – I really do enjoy it. What I love even more is that “new possibility” feeling when we get to the new place. Finding a home for things, arranging the kitchen, feeling organized, refreshed – it one big ole piece of canvas on which to paint our life. Arranging furniture and decorating possibilities are so exciting. It may seem odd, but perhaps that is one reason we are well-suited for the military life. How awful would it be if we hated moving?!

Which brings me to my point – how often do we resist what is, and strive and strain for what was or what could be? I know I’m guilty of wishing certain phases of my kids’ were over. Only, I am sure, to realize that the next phase may be just as challenging, but in a new way. My non-New Years’ resolution then, is to consciously look for things to be grateful for. (I don’t usually make resolutions, as there is too much pressure and I end up breaking them completely by January 14th.)

Last Thanksgiving there was the Facebook deal where each day we said one thing we were grateful for. In doing that, I was surprised at how many days the things I was most appreciative of revolved around the kids. Or perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a negative rut where all I seem to see are the things not going right. I want to change that. And what better way than to declare it to cyber space!? So to put this “non-resolution” resolution into practice, I will do a week-in-review of things big and small in our little world that I am especially grateful for. Starting today. Wonder-full Wednesday.

This wonder-full Wednesday I am thankful for places to play like Jungle playland and Perch and Play:


These establishments offer a warm place for my monkeys to burn some serious energy! I am so thankful for these businesses especially in a region of the country that rains so much! Watching my son anticipate with wonder, then grin a HUGE grin all the way to his toes as the balls in the ball pit “rained” down on his head was simply bliss! I adore his smile and treasure moments when he is so joyful.

And finally, I am grateful for the weaning process. My body will soon be my own again. I know it is not something for everyone, but for me breastfeeding has been a very special bond, a thousand special moments, and needs that I alone could fulfill. While I am glad to have had the time to go this route with my babies, I am ready to bid a fond farewell to this season and welcome the next!

Here’s to the wonder in your Wednesday!

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