The Magic of Home

Eric and I scanned the last of our earthly belongings comparing it with the quickly deteriorating space in the truck and had to make some fast decisions. "The chairs are going, aren't they?" I asked, knowing full well the answer. "'Fraid so," he said. All of our belongings in a 26' truck I turned away … Continue reading The Magic of Home


It hasn't been a particularly rough day. Or week. My son started preschool and it's been fun and exciting. We've been running errands and doing this and that. No big deal. Today Hannah had her 2 year well-child check up. She's growing like a weed and is in the 80-90th percentiles for height and weight. … Continue reading Kindness

Pre Deployment Blahs

Tonight we went to a pre-deployment "fair". Basically it's some tables set up in the base chapel and you go from table to table where they give you little handouts, phone numbers, and support contacts for "dealing with deployment". Ugh. This is the part of military life I detest. The information is needed, but I … Continue reading Pre Deployment Blahs