Ah, gratitude. It's hard at times to cultivate a posture of gratefulness. There are days when it's just not easy. Today is not that day. It's Thanksgiving. And instead of blowing up the Facebook newsfeed with daily gratitude thoughts (which are nice), I decided to post my gratitude days in one giant post. Here are … Continue reading Gratitude

Tough Mudder and My Glass Case of Emotion We have this thing in our house: we love Will Ferrell. This scene above from the movie Anchorman has become a reminder to laugh when things get overwhelming. As I sat lost in thought about my new swim-bike-run sticker getting ready for Tough Mudder this weekend, my husband looked over at me and asked, … Continue reading Tough Mudder and My Glass Case of Emotion

Trepidation and Encouragement

On Tough Mudder eve, I'm feeling nervous. Like every new race, I'm always nervous. Anxiously reviewing the list of preparations, questioning whether there was enough training, enough sleep, enough nutrition....the list goes on and on. I have never regretted trying new things. Ever. I may have been in pain, achey for days, occasionally disappointed, and … Continue reading Trepidation and Encouragement

Fartleks, Minions, and It Was All My Neighbor’s Fault

Sometimes I question my sanity. I got up early (before the sun) hit the early spin class, was feeling great and got hubby off to work and was determined to play hard with the minions. It's been sunny the past couple of days, but the rain is coming. It ALWAYS comes. And then we will … Continue reading Fartleks, Minions, and It Was All My Neighbor’s Fault

Birthday. Or as I like to call it, Birthmonth.

Why not have the whole month instead of just a day to celebrate how awesome you are?! Birthdays are just fun. I love birthdays, and have since I was a kid. As an adult, it's usually not as acceptable to run around telling everyone, "Hey! It's my birthday!!!!" as you would when you are 5. … Continue reading Birthday. Or as I like to call it, Birthmonth.

The Post I Wish I’d Written…

My good friend Katy Chaffin wrote this piece. As a vet and a proud military spouse, I feel she is qualified in a very unique way to express what so many of us feel. Katy's family is currently serving our country overseas.  "Each time my family is separated in defense of this “Great Nation” I … Continue reading The Post I Wish I’d Written…

Dear Military Mom Facing Your First Deployment With Kids

Dear Military Mom on your first deployment: Oh mama, there really isn't anything I can tell you to prepare for this adventure. It is hard. Simple as that. There are days (hours, minutes) that are going to feel like forever. Dragging so slow you swear it's been an hour and it's only been 4 minutes. … Continue reading Dear Military Mom Facing Your First Deployment With Kids

Victorious Not Nauseous

This time last year, we were gearing up for what we thought was to be a 6-month deployment. Those in the military know, sometimes the plans get changed. Six months turned into a whole year deal with a 6-week "home port visit" over the holidays. What a difference a year makes. Here is some of … Continue reading Victorious Not Nauseous

The Target Lady on a Good Day

Often I encounter horrific incidences of rude people making unsolicited comments about my parenting (or lack of) while out and about with the kiddos. On our recent trip to Portland, however, I sat in the Target Starbucks and wept. Driving to Portland with a 4 and a 2-year-old, let me tell you, is not for … Continue reading The Target Lady on a Good Day

Mother’s Day and Love Cups

At the risk of sounding sickeningly sweet - I must say it: My cup runneth over... This Mother's day weekend was filled with lots of love, lots of girl time, adult conversations, connecting with old friends, meeting new ones, hanging with family and it was in a word: awesome. To all the mothers: the nurturers, … Continue reading Mother’s Day and Love Cups