Birthday. Or as I like to call it, Birthmonth.

Why not have the whole month instead of just a day to celebrate how awesome you are?!

Birthdays are just fun. I love birthdays, and have since I was a kid. As an adult, it’s usually not as acceptable to run around telling everyone, “Hey! It’s my birthday!!!!” as you would when you are 5. (Much the way my son and daughter do!) Now with social media, family and friends can get “reminded” of your birthday so you get TONS of birthday wishes on your big day – all day long! GENIUS! It just makes you feel loved.

This year my husband, who rarely is able to keep a surprise for me secret for long, had been plotting for a few months. He conspired with some of my friends and made a lovely video of them wishing me a happy birthday. It was awesome. I full on ugly cried.

I think I was touched by the fact that people usually don’t say these types of things to your face. It was awesome, and I LOVED it, though it made me miss our faraway friends!

After playing with the kids in the morning, my sweet niece came to watch the minions while we had a night out. It was Prowler Ball (Electronic Attack Squadrons all get together for a pseudo “prom”, but instead of tuxes, everyone is in their dress/dinner white uniform!) Cocktails, dinner, dancing – KIDLESS for an evening! It was so much fun! We had great adult conversation, with HOT meals, all gussied up! I even wore heels that I haven’t worn in years – and didn’t fall down! We even dusted off our dance moves that we haven’t used in about 6 years.


This was by far one of my favorite birthdays to date. Thank you family and friends for such wonderful words, birthday wishes and taking the time to conspire with my wonderful husband!

I definitely feel loved.


What do you think?

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