It’s a Wonderful Life

Wow. What a day. I'll apologize up front if I am a bit incoherent! These kinds of days I never seem to have trouble falling asleep - I literally collapse into bed. ¬†And why I seem to save it all for one day is beyond me. You'd think I would be better at spreading out … Continue reading It’s a Wonderful Life

Eric’s last days at home

In an effort to help Jake have a bit of a visual of where daddy is going, Eric built a model of the U.S.S. Eisenhower.   Loving Daddy!     We also had our family over for dinner and this fun cake!!! (Bon Voyage Eric, Happy Birthday Dad, Happy Father's Day Everyone Else!)   And … Continue reading Eric’s last days at home

Blegh. On More than One Level

Blegh. There. I said it. I'm feeling a little blue as the reality of going it alone for 9 months sinks in. I know I'm not ¬†ALONE alone. There are plenty of people to help out, offer support and are just there for me and the kids. But, it isn't Eric. There isn't a replacement … Continue reading Blegh. On More than One Level

Positives of a deployment…

With deployment looming in the not-so-distant future, I was thinking yesterday about some of the things I actually look forward to during a deployment. Things like mowing the lawn. Yep. I actually LOVE mowing the lawn. There is something so gratifying about seeing those freshly made tracks on the grass, the smell of it mixed … Continue reading Positives of a deployment…

Pre Deployment Blahs

Tonight we went to a pre-deployment "fair". Basically it's some tables set up in the base chapel and you go from table to table where they give you little handouts, phone numbers, and support contacts for "dealing with deployment". Ugh. This is the part of military life I detest. The information is needed, but I … Continue reading Pre Deployment Blahs