Daily Prompt: Excitement

We military spouses have a distinct advantage when it comes to the excitement department: homecoming. There is no word that stirs such excitement, anticipation, and impatience like knowing your spouse is coming home from a long deployment. My spouse recently came home after a 1 year deployment cycle, and as each one comes and goes, … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Excitement

Reason #472 Why I Am Over this Deployment.

The countdowns have begun in my head: "Only 1 more gallon of milk until he gets home." "Last 2 episodes of Deadliest Catch until we can watch them together." "The next grocery run, I'll be stocking the fridge with his favorites." "The next time I mop the floor, will be the last time I mop … Continue reading Reason #472 Why I Am Over this Deployment.

What Homecomings Are REALLY Like

Most of us are familiar with this image: With all the romance and nostalgia this photo evokes, you might be led to believe we military folk lead extraordinarily dramatic lives. Well, we do. Sort of. For some, the deployments get easier. I don't agree. The longer we are together, I seem to love him more … Continue reading What Homecomings Are REALLY Like

To The Military Community

I didn't get it for a long time. My husband is the social one. I ALWAYS have a great time when we go places and attend parties or other such work functions, but my nature is to be more of a homebody. Putting myself out there, having "witty repartee" with strangers while not simultaneously spilling … Continue reading To The Military Community


With the onset of fall, the upcoming hustle and bustle of the Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas hoopla, I'm feeling a bit nostalgic about our life (and weather) in Hawaii. There is much I do not miss about life in Hawaii, but when I'm freezing my tootsies off in the pacific northwest rain, wearing warm boots and still cranking … Continue reading Ripples