Field Trip

My kids' first field trip was yesterday, and I volunteered to drive and chaperone! Yay Super Mom! Normally for such a first, I would have gotten out of bed a touch earlier, had a hearty breakfast with the kids - similar to this: Instead of the turkey, perhaps a bowl of oats and bananas or … Continue reading Field Trip

Victorious Not Nauseous

This time last year, we were gearing up for what we thought was to be a 6-month deployment. Those in the military know, sometimes the plans get changed. Six months turned into a whole year deal with a 6-week "home port visit" over the holidays. What a difference a year makes. Here is some of … Continue reading Victorious Not Nauseous

My Mother’s Favorite Post (AKA What Goes Around Comes Around)

My mother is really going to love this. I can hear her laughing right now. When I was 4-years-old I somehow got ahold of a red marker and decided to bestow my world with red art. Everywhere. I was kicking butt and taking names with my alphabet skills and wrote all over walls, books, even … Continue reading My Mother’s Favorite Post (AKA What Goes Around Comes Around)

Is It Over Yet? (Eric, you can come home now….)

Church services are not designed with little kids in mind. Nor are they designed with the parents of littles in mind. Yes, they have Sunday school and nurseries and cry rooms, but I'm talking about the timing. Services typically start from 9:30-10:30, then by the time it's over, kids are collected, we buckle up and … Continue reading Is It Over Yet? (Eric, you can come home now….)

This Actually Happened. Today.

My Day After this day, I think I'm just done The novelty worn off: me-0, deployment - 1. The kids were crazy, stuck inside this rainy wet day While making lunch, nearly chopped half my finger away! "Stop teasing your sister!" "Leave your brother alone!" Even I can't stand the sound of my going on … Continue reading This Actually Happened. Today.