Sick day: Things To Do

I am the worst sick person ever. Truly. It’s been 5 days and 14 hours since I woke up with this crud and I just want it over. (Yes, I am whining once again about my FWPs.)

Since I have imposed a do-not-share-the-germ-love edict that keeps us home-bound, we are all climbing the walls. The climbing started on day 3 and has been steadily increasing. This, coupled with minimal adult interaction and conversation, has led me to create a list of things to do/not do when sick! Enjoy!

Do drink lots of fluids, eat soup and get lots of rest.
Do not get sick while hubby is deployed.

If your body doesn’t cooperate and you do fall ill while hubby is deployed, don’t let your kids get sick simultaneously!

Do take naps. (When you can breathe while horizontal.)
Don’t let the kids nap for 3 hours, they will make up the time by being awake far too late.

Do get some fresh air, in small doses. Easy does it.
Do not let your medicine kick in giving brief relief from symptoms and then attempt to mow the lawn and run.

Do use a humidifier.
Do not underestimate the magnetic pull of said humidifier on a two-year-old. Wet carpet is no fun and you don’t need another thing to wipe up when there are snotty noses in abundance!

Do fly paper airplanes, read books, do puzzles, and play games.
Do not let your 4 year old make such aerodynamic planes that he can fly them off the banister right into your eye. (Yes, this happened. Twice.)

Do remember that a cold won’t last forever, the day only has 24 hours in it, and they WILL eventually sleep. As will you. (I have to keep reminding myself!)

Here’s to a healing and restful night’s sleep. And a hopefully not-too-early morning!


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