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It Was the Best of Times…

In a recent writing prompt, it was asked to describe when the phrase, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times" accurately described life. Now. Now is when that phrase is so appropriate. I am on a great running streak, day 73, in fact. I'm almost there in terms of hitting my… Continue reading It Was the Best of Times…

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Beyond Gratitude

Taking my son to the doctor has never been easy. Aside from the usual vaccinations which of course are unpleasant, from the time he had to have a blood draw at 18 months old, every appointment since has been awful. (The blood draw was done by a person who couldn't find a vein - 4… Continue reading Beyond Gratitude

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Sick day: Things To Do

I am the worst sick person ever. Truly. It's been 5 days and 14 hours since I woke up with this crud and I just want it over. (Yes, I am whining once again about my FWPs.) Since I have imposed a do-not-share-the-germ-love edict that keeps us home-bound, we are all climbing the walls. The… Continue reading Sick day: Things To Do


Wonder-Full Wednesday

I've been sick. Really, really, ugly nasty cold/flu type sick. I don't like detest being sick. I am a whiny baby and just want to curl up in bed with my tea and a movie and have the world leave me alone until I'm over it. Then I had kids. Leave me alone!? Are you… Continue reading Wonder-Full Wednesday

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Wonder-full Wednesday

I have never been so grateful to sleep in my own bed as I am after a stay in a hotel. Yes, more FWPs (First World Problems) but I have to say - if you are thinking of buying a Tempurpedic (or a Select Comfort, I've heard) really consider all options. They are the BEST… Continue reading Wonder-full Wednesday


The Halloween That Wasn’t

It all started so great. 5:30am, Jake is awake and trying to wake up Hannah. I lean over and whisper "Happy Halloween!!" And he exclaims, "Oh Yeah!" And then excitedly asks to put on his crocodile costume! Sure it's, 5:30 am, but knock yourself out! By this time Hannah is tearing down the hall looking… Continue reading The Halloween That Wasn’t