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Nope. It's not Halloween, but I am dressing up. It's superhero day at the gym where I work and I went as Wonder Woman! I do love a good costume/halloween/dress up day as evidenced by the lengths I will go to for a laugh! Exhibits A, B, and C: As I slipped on my bright blue lycra… Continue reading Wonder

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I LOVE Halloween. Like, a lot. Probably more than most people. More than Christmas and my birthday put together. It's one day a year where you can dress up like a lunatic, act crazy, get candy from strangers and it's all perfectly acceptable! What's not to love, right?! Previously I've been Cat in the Hat… Continue reading Halloween


The Halloween That Wasn’t

It all started so great. 5:30am, Jake is awake and trying to wake up Hannah. I lean over and whisper "Happy Halloween!!" And he exclaims, "Oh Yeah!" And then excitedly asks to put on his crocodile costume! Sure it's, 5:30 am, but knock yourself out! By this time Hannah is tearing down the hall looking… Continue reading The Halloween That Wasn’t


Halloween 2011

Halloween this year was say the least. Unfortunately Eric was out of town for work, so he missed this one. Hannah dressed up as a lady bug this year...  She wasn't a big fan of the hat!  But I did manage to snap one pic with it on!!    Jacob had a Woody from… Continue reading Halloween 2011