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Nope. It’s not Halloween, but I am dressing up.

It’s superhero day at the gym where I work and I went as Wonder Woman!


I do love a good costume/halloween/dress up day as evidenced by the lengths I will go to for a laugh! Exhibits A, B, and C:

As I slipped on my bright blue lycra and golden glitter headband, I marveled at just how much fitness has brought to my life. I have met some extraordinary people that I otherwise would never have crossed paths with. That in and of itself is pretty dang awesome. The costume fun is a great side benefit!

I’ve contemplated the paths not taken many times and always wind up feeling humbled, overwhelmed, and in awe by the fact that I GET to do what I love and help others find the fun in fitness. What a tremendous gift it is to be able to do what you love.

With that said, I went, taught a fun Tacky Tuesday Spin class (showtunes and soundtracks), but was the ONLY ONE who came in a superhero costume.

Go figure.

I have impulsive tendencies, I admit. When I commit – I’m all in. Why adopt 1 small dog when you can have a traveling circus of 3? Why stick a toe in the water when you can jump in cannonball style? If you’re going to have a crazy costume – own that. Rock it and ride that bike like you stole it – blue tutu and all! Ha!

Why not, indeed.

What do you think?

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