As a little girl, around 4 or 5, I remember how a 20 minute drive to see my best friend felt like an eternity. I remember sitting in the back of her parents’ station wagon or the back of my own folks’ car making up all kinds of pretend. Things like driving the car backwards, complete with steering wheel hands and mock gear-shifting, or fake sleeping.

I don’t remember all the places we went, but I do remember lots of driving, and lots of car silliness.

My favorite game though, was not pretend. My favorite back of the car game was “make-random-faces-at-passing-cars-until-they-notice-and-see-how-they-react”. It really is the best game ever. Silly faces, crossed-eyes, tongue out, teeth bared – nothing was off limits.

While driving in town, Eric and I were chatting with the minions about what our day would bring and the errands left to accomplish. Caught up in our own little world of preparing for preschool and marking off the checklist, I looked out my window and busted out laughing.

Today, my childhood game was played on me. A girl was hanging her head out the window, tongue out and eyes crossed, waiting for any reaction. When she saw me laugh, she laughed and tucked herself back in the window. Not a moment later, she spotted her next victim and put on a fierce scowl.

I’m not sure how many people reacted to her today, but I’ve been giggling ever since.


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