A Crap Day Brightened

Days like today just beat me up.

Quick Recap:

  • Kids woke up at 5am – Hannah with a “nice” diaper gift. (Should have been my first clue!) Poop before coffee = never good.
  • While shopping at the grocery, was rudely informed that I was in the way and that I should “teach my daughter to count apples somewhere else”.
  • Door-jacked by a 90 year old lady in the parking lot of a church, scratching/denting my passenger door.
  • Missing my deployed husband
  • Came around the corner and took a picture frame off of the wall while carrying a laundry basket – instantly shattering the whole thing all over the floor.

While I want to just go put on my sweats, drink a bottle (or 3) of wine, eat my way through a box of chocolate covered macadamia nuts, what I WILL do is focus on the funny. A friend of mine during her spouse’s deployment, decided to keep a jar of notes about funny things her kids said and did so she could relive it with her husband when he returned. Genius!

Over the last couple of days I’ve been jotting notes here and there of the funny things my littles have said. Here’s the list:


  • “I like ball bowling with Auntie Kirsti. Maybe you can take me ball bowling and I can take my own balls.” (I think he meant pick out his own bowling ball….)
  • “Mommy, your hair looks gorgeous today. And your boobies are just like pillows.”
  • “We live in Washington now where sometimes it’s rainy all the time.” Couldn’t have said that one better myself!
  • “Froyo is off the hoo-zak!”


  • “When a tail grows in my butt, then I can swim like a fish!”
  • “When I am Jake, I can pee outside.”

Jake and I do this thing where I tell him, “I wanna tell you a secret!” He leans in, eyes wide waiting to hear what I am going to whisper. Usually it’s “I love you” or “I love the way you color” or whatever it is that he’s doing at the moment. Then he tells me a ‘secret’. This is how it went this time:

Me: “I love you my special boy!”

Jacob: “I love the compost truck!”

On days like today I need the funny.

Got a funny kid story?! Tell me.


I need more things to laugh about today!


3 thoughts on “A Crap Day Brightened”

  1. When asked by his mother (pregnant at the time) “do you want a little brother or sister?”…. my Nephew Gage answered (excitedly) “I want a puppy!!”


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