You know what I love about life? I love the part where the lessons have been gleaned, and the lightbulb moments have happened. I love the victory, the happy ending. I suppose it's human nature. We love the finish line celebration, but cringe thinking of the work of the actual race. Slogging through the rough … Continue reading Paradox

Far from Perfect. Not Even Good. 

....Tra-la-la-la-la....skipping happily through summer, making delicious vegetarian meals for my family to savor as we gather around the table for dinner every evening...after playing merrily through our warm South Texas days.... Yeah. Keep dreaming. We are also smack dab in the middle of Crap Week. What's Crap Week, you ask? Oh, let me explain. Crap Week … Continue reading Far from Perfect. Not Even Good. 

Daily Prompt: Excitement

We military spouses have a distinct advantage when it comes to the excitement department: homecoming. There is no word that stirs such excitement, anticipation, and impatience like knowing your spouse is coming home from a long deployment. My spouse recently came home after a 1 year deployment cycle, and as each one comes and goes, … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Excitement

Dear Military Mom Facing Your First Deployment With Kids

Dear Military Mom on your first deployment: Oh mama, there really isn't anything I can tell you to prepare for this adventure. It is hard. Simple as that. There are days (hours, minutes) that are going to feel like forever. Dragging so slow you swear it's been an hour and it's only been 4 minutes. … Continue reading Dear Military Mom Facing Your First Deployment With Kids

Reason #472 Why I Am Over this Deployment.

The countdowns have begun in my head: "Only 1 more gallon of milk until he gets home." "Last 2 episodes of Deadliest Catch until we can watch them together." "The next grocery run, I'll be stocking the fridge with his favorites." "The next time I mop the floor, will be the last time I mop … Continue reading Reason #472 Why I Am Over this Deployment.