Oh No! Here We Go Again…

Whoever said two's were "terrible" were liars! I'd take two's back any day. Terrible 3's is more like it. (Okay - call it "Terrific 3's" if we're gonna be all PC about it.) In our house, it's beginning again. We have a 2 1/2 year old and she's got the full on 3's. Bring on... Continue Reading →



Since June, it's been a bit bumpy and lumpy around our house. We've (I) have been a bit lopsided. This is due to many things, including the following: *Deployment (duh!) The kids have good days and bad days but 5 months into this - the novelty for all of us has definitely expired! *Fall/Winter: the... Continue Reading →


We woke up (yes "we"- they migrated during the night) this morning to a phone call from Eric. That is always nice, but it happened to be a rare occasion where Hannah was still sacked at 6:30 and Jake might have been cajoled into playing quietly in his room for 15-20 minutes. The phone rang... Continue Reading →

Never Say Never

When I worked in banking I used to see the non-showered stay-at-home-moms looking all frazzled and not "making their children behave" as they ran around and got loud. I used to think to myself, "Man, can't she make those kids mind? My kids will NEVER act like that!" BWAAHHAHHAHHA!!! And fast forward to today AS... Continue Reading →

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