How About It?

How about we all just stop for a minute.

I am a “Fan” and “Like” various fitness groups on Facebook and read a few fitness and running blogs on a regular basis. Heck, I even write for a fitness blog. But I’m more and more discouraged about the negative tone of what I’ve been reading lately. Pinterest abounds with pins of models posing all greased up next to barbells with the caption: “Strong is the New Skinny”. What I want to know is – have we traded one ideal for another? How about we celebrate what OUR bodies can do? Instead of comparing ourselves to the models on magazine covers, how about we stop striving to look like anyone but the best version of ourselves? Wouldn’t it be better to ditch the scale (which isn’t a complete picture anyway) and focus on the amazing things of which our strong bodies are capable? Could we stop looking for instant fixes in the forms of pills and boxes? Why don’t we shift the focus from simple vanity and looking this way or that way, to teaching our kids health? Let’s teach our kids health in the complete sense of the word: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual; not just obsessing over numbers and exercising compulsively.

I saw this today:


Words have power. They carry weight. (Yes, pun intended.) I don’t know about you, I think there is enough negative crap thrown at us in terms of body image, what we SHOULD look like, what we SHOULD do, and how we SHOULD do it – I don’t need this kind of “motivation”. I find this disrespectful and negative. How about we ditch the name calling and the bullying – of ourselves. Yes, it’s supposed to be humorous, and light-hearted, but at the end of the day – I am always more inspired and motivated by truth, honesty and positivity.

How about we try some of these words instead:












How about it?


The Power of Words

Sometimes I think we forget the power of our words.

Anyone who has survived high school has experienced the hurt that words can cause. And conversely the elation that a kind or flattering comment can make. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s whole day is made by a well-intended compliment. Or maybe that’s just because I’m an attention hog!! 😉 Either way, words can certainly pack a punch.

A friend recently relayed a situation where some pretty devastating words were lashed out in anger. I was struck by how words could instantly obliterate a person. “how can a person sleep at night knowing they said that to another human being?!” I asked myself. And how many times have I been guilty of doing the same?

You never know what another person has gone through or is going through. Words ought to be chosen carefully. Instead of judging others by their words only and ourselves by our intentions – perhaps we should try to switch that. Gauge others on their intentions and ourselves by our words.

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