You Never Know

Feeling a bit “meh” lately about life, I loaded up the kids and headed to teach spin at the gym. We are in our routine, and I’m loving working with people, but there are times when it’s very redundant. People ask for fitness and health advice, but then glaze over when you don’t offer up the “latest and greatest magical 2-week plan to get you in shape with no effort”.

It’s work. It’s consistency over time. It’s making choices to delay gratification to get you to your goals. It’s….boring.

But…it works.

Excited about today’s playlist, I dropped the minions off to do a craft in the childcare then climbed the stairs. Peeking in the windows to the spin room I see no one is there. Ugh. I always worry no one will show. Every single time. It’s happened before and it never fails to be a bummer. After a few minutes, a few showed up to play and off we went. Great class, lots of sweat and awesome effort – I love it when it all comes together.

Wiping down the bikes afterward,  one of the riders approached me and said, “You are my favorite instructor by far.”

“Wow! Thank you so much! That’s kind of you to say,” I replied.

“Seriously. I’ve been spinning for a few years and you are the only instructor that doesn’t make me watch the clock. I’m not just along for the instructor’s ride in your class. I sincerely mean it. I was so happy to see it was you teaching today.”

Me blinking. “Thank you. That means a lot…” We went on to discuss that every instructor brings something to the table and it can take time for an instructor to find their voice, etc.

But the compliment hit home. Especially on days I hold my breath and pray that someone shows. We all question our abilities, and just because someone is leading a class doesn’t mean they are immune.

Here’s my suggestion: find someone who you appreciate. The friendly cashier, a family member, or even your spin instructor – and tell them when they’ve done a good job, that you appreciate them. Not as an empty frivolous thing you don’t really mean, but someone whose work you genuinely benefit from. You never know, it could make their whole day.

You never know.


2 thoughts on “You Never Know”

  1. Two things. One, you had me at consistency. It’s something I preach to my participants and clients. Two, I love the give an appreciative comment suggestion. I find that some people can be quick to complain, but just take for granted when someone does a great job. Love your blog.

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