I love The Biggest Loser, and while not a fan of this particular cast, I do love the theme of “No Excuses”. It really is mind over matter. You make a choice and you follow through. And each day is made up of a million little choices – workout or not? Eat crap or  eat good fuel for my body? Go out to eat or stay home and cook? (The answer is of course stay home!)
With all of our household goods currently packed up and headed for an extended ocean cruise, it is so tempting to just give up, throw my hands in the air and say any and all of the following:
“Ah screw it! I’m in the process of moving!”
“I DESERVE to take it easy for a couple of weeks.”
“I’m moving and stressed! Let’s just eat out.” 
“If I go grocery shopping, I know half of it will probably go to waste, so I might as well just get take out.”
“I’m so exhausted. I just don’t have it in me to go running.”
“Jake doesn’t fit in the double stroller anymore, I CAN’T go running.”
“I can’t cook in these pans – they are stainless and everything will stick to them!” (Talk about a first world problem! Sheesh!)
And on and on it goes….
And this lasted for a couple of days in my head – going back and forth trying unsuccessfully to justify not doing what I know that I should.
I did workout when Eric was home (2 of the last three days) and I will work out tomorrow, even though it will be in the evening – it will get done. Because I make the choice – and then follow through.
We also got some temporary household/kitchen items including some pots and pans, (those dang stainless steel ones!) dishes and silverware. There really isn’t any excuse. So I went to the grocery store and got supplies for the next week or so. I will be eating at home. I made chicken soup today (which was SO YUMMY!) and the hubbs and I had french dip sandwiches tonight with big green salads. Tomorrow will be chicken fajitas and spaghetti will be thrown in there at some point. 
A choice has to be made. Am I going to make an excuse to not exercise and eat out, or am I just going to buck up and do what I know in the long run will not only be the right choice, but I will FEEL better physically? And during a stressful time (such as moving with small children) shouldn’t I WANT to feel better and at my strongest?! I think yes. Oh and yeah, there’s that biathlon this Sunday too….I DEFINITELY need to be at my best! I have a record to beat! 
There is always an excuse. For me it’s getting past the “I can’t because….” and getting back to the “Here’s why I need to….” 
And I have yet to regret doing what I know I should.

What do you think?

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