A Magic Pill

So many people have asked how I’ve done it, how have I gotten rid of the weight, what am I taking, and what am I eating.

Okay – you want the “secret”?

As a friend of mine said, “Wait for it….
I’ve exercised and eaten healthy foods.”

Go figure.

Shows like The Biggest Loser are amazing and inspirational, but as we sit on our butts watching, we forget that there is a time lapse. By the end of the season contestants are at the ranch for 3-4 months, completely isolated and are focused on nothing but losing weight. Not that losing weight is ever easy, but this sure seems like an easier way to go about it – but it’s not realistic. Most of us aren’t going to get to be on the show and have to do it “at home” where the prize is not 100k.

We always look for the “easy” way or a magic pill. (I am so guilty of this!) There is no magic pill. There is no quick fix. Plastic surgery offers short term “skinny” but without dealing with the reasons why weight was put on in the first place – inevitably, the weight will come back. (Ron from BL season 7 had bypass surgery and gained it all back 14 yeas before competing on the show.)

No quick fixes, no pills….. Just hard work, determination and the decision to just get it done.


What do you think?

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