Packing Day is Here!

Well the packers have come and packed up most all of the downstairs and will finish the entire house tomorrow!!! It is so amazing to me how fast they get it all done! Jake doesn’t really understand why all the stuff is being put on the truck except that “it’s going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house and we are going to ride a big boat and helicopter and move there too”. Try explaining moving to a person who has little concept of time and distance!
I also went for a short 2 mile run today. No excuses, right? It’s moving day, it was pouring down rain…. Whatever! 😉 I have to say – one of the best runs I’ve done in a while. Not in terms of pace or distance (stupid tracker app has this little button that says ‘start’ and SOMEBODY forgot to press it!) but just fun. Letting the rain pelt me on the arms and face, the squeal of laughter from the kids cause “it’s raining in my hair!”, and sprinting until I’m winded just felt so good and put me in such a better mood for dealing with the kids, the movers and all of the fun and emotion of the day. Running is so therapeutic (a benefit I never saw coming) and as my friend Nina says, “cheaper than antidepressants!”

I think I’m gonna have to get up and run again tomorrow!!!


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