I went out and got myself a new outlook. I felt awful about my first biathlon and I REFUSE to feel that way again this Sunday.

A common thread in my life (that my mother will attest to) is that I like to “know it before I know it”. In other words – I expect to be an expert at things I’ve never done before. Yeah, I know it’s not logical. But I do get frustrated when I’m not good at something or when it doesn’t come easily. (Insert 3 year old temper tantrum here.) I’m becoming more adult in this area… Please have patience with me!

While I was frustrated with last month’s biathlon results, I just can’t get upset about this one-whatever the results may be. IT’S ONLY MY SECOND TIME! Duh.

I’ve done everything I can (taken swim lessons, practiced, ran, etc.) to better my times for the next race. Aside from this, I have absolutely NO control over how choppy that water is going to be. I have no control if a shark decides to make me his tasty treat (although that might make me swim faster!) there are just some things that are outside my control. I’m prepared and I’ve practiced and the times will be what they are. I can’t take it so seriously. I am supposed to be having fun too, right?!

(And when I do beat last months time – you can be dang sure I’ll be doing a happy dance ALL OVER the place!)


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