It’s Not Flashy…

I was chatting with another trainer friend of mine, discussing how frustrating it is to sell what really works. After gaining strength and losing fat, someone will inevitably ask, “How did you do it? What’s your secret?”

Usually it’s asked in a conspiratorial tone, the asker typically wants whatever book, diet guru, meal plan, macro elimination “thing” you must be doing. We so want all the reward with little to none of the work. Perhaps it’s human nature, perhaps it’s a cultural shift – or some of both. We look for the shortcuts.

Especially rampant in the fitness/health industry are the multi-level marketing products. These really get under my skin. The wraps, the pills, the shakes, even essential oils all promise amazing results. And you know what? Some of them actually work – when you pair it with healthy eating and exercise. We don’t have to chase the latest and greatest thing to throw our money at. It’s simply not necessary. Not only do their business practices promote the purchase of (often very expense) products, but it reels in “associates” by promising the ease of a debt free life. Did you know that the majority (like 99%) of distributors in MLMs actually lose money? I know, I know, there is always that one friend you know that makes amazing money doing their thing. But you know what? They worked their rears off to get enough distributors under them selling as well, most likely alienating friends and family along the way. As my friend asked, “How is this not different than a legalized drug trade?” Pushing product on people, asking them to sell it, too.

The bottom line: If it sounds to good to be true…it is.

Gaining health and fitness is not flashy. It’s not New and Improved! It’s not Now Formulated with More Vitamins! It’s not going to be endorsed by your favorite celebrity. (My first thought becomes Dolvett from NBC’s the Biggest Loser. He is endorsing Tropicana orange juice. Seriously? Eat an orange. I doubt he drinks juice outside of that commercial.)  It is not finding some guru who wrote a book to sell. It’s not your neighbor who sells some random product, no matter what those before an after photos look like.

This is what changing your life looks like:

It’s hard. It’s swimming upstream. It’s delaying gratification. It’s moderation. It’s consistency over time. It’s work. It’s persistence. It’s falling but getting back up and trying again. It’s educating yourself, learning what works. It’s getting professionals involved; be it your doctor, a personal trainer, and/or a dietician. (Not some goober on the internet!) It’s doing your homework. It’s long-term. Personally, it’s about saving my life. Every day making the choices that will enable me to live the life I want.

It’s your life, for the rest of your life. Why not do what works 100% of the time?! Exercise and a proper diet work every time, over the long term. Find what you love to do in terms of exercise and go do it! For me, it was a run this morning:

The view on the trail behind mi case
Sweaty, hot and tired!

Running not your thing? No problem – go find something that lights you up and do it! No sense in doing what you hate – that won’t last. Find what gets your heart pumping. Don’t like broccoli? Don’t eat it! Find a veggie you DO like. Don’t look for the easy button. Your life is not Staples.

It may be hard, I know. Change is very difficult.

What I can promise is, it is worth it. 


2 thoughts on “It’s Not Flashy…”

  1. I was just talking with clients today about this very thing!!
    One thing that made me nearly cry was when she said, “We’ve had a few trainers, but you seem to really love this – you love what you do, don’t you?” ❤
    Yes!!! I think the passion just stems (as you know) from wanting to feel better, to not want to be exhausted by daily life. And when we figure out that fitness is a direct route to energy and really living, it’s hard not to want to shout it from the rooftops. Or a blog. 😉


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