The Phone Call

“You’re cholesterol numbers look good…” The nurse paused as I anxiously wondered why they were calling me. I’d had the exam last week, and as per usual, no news is good news. Yet, here I was on the phone going over lab results. Okay…


There’s always a but, isn’t there?

“But…you’re blood sugar numbers are quite elevated…watch the carbs…..portion control….you are prediabetic…”


Wait, what? How is that possible? Doesn’t she know it wasn’t a fasting blood draw? I workout! I eat healthfully most of the time. We cook at home, and use real ingredients. Apparently, it doesn’t matter. The nurse on the line was making her routine calls and gave me the advice to cut back on carbohydrates. Sure, come back and retest in 6 months. Or a year. Whenever you want. Okay. Bye. Click. End of conversation.

Still reeling from that conversation a week ago, this morning I met with a registered dietician who went over my food logs for the past week, as well as my blood work from the doctor. There is so much I have to learn. The more I learn, the more I realize just how much I don’t know, you know? The more information I was given, the more questions popped up. 

Honestly, it all just sucks. I could have a pity party (and I did for about 5 minutes) but really – that gets me no where. So I came home and did what any good overachiever would do – I cleaned out my pantry and my fridge and set myself up to kick some pre diabetes butt! It’s reversible, but I will have to watch it for the rest of my life.

A friend sent me this and I giggled as I was surrounded by the contents of my pantry all over the place. I did make a small edit, however:


Now where did I put those bootstraps? Time to pull ’em on up!


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