One year ago

It seems only fitting that I run a race on the anniversary of my very first. One year ago today my intentional fitness journey began. I had always wanted to do a 5k “someday”.

Then I met Katy.

Katy “talked me into” doing the Ford Island Bridge Run 10k. Well, why not? And she even walked it with me when I killed my knees training! I have no idea what our pace was – probably somewhere around a 17-20 minute mile. Flash forward one year and I have set a new personal record! I ran the Tulip Run (5 miles) at a 9:25 pace!

I had a couple of epiphanies during this race (I do my best thinking while running!) I had thoughts this morning about every other runner being super fast and athletic, and having the old doubt and fear that “What if I can’t do this? What if I am dead last?”

I know, I know! It’s ridiculous! I still sometimes don’t feel like a “real” runner – whatever the heck that means! Basically (probably like most people) I feel like I’m a hack, a wannabe – fill in the blank with your own word. And what if for some reason I am only “athletic” in Hawaii? (again – I know it’s not rational, but these are the kinds of thoughts I have!) But as I looked around, feeling nervous and excited for my first race since moving, I noticed something. At every single event I have done, there is a WIDE range of fitness levels. This run was no different. That felt good. I am now “home”.

This epiphany then led to my next observation. There is the thought that a person who has a lot of money typically isn’t showy about it. And they really don’t care what the neighbors think. And the person who “thinks” they are rich (when they are in fact not) is typically very show-offy (yes it’s a word!) and cares very much about how they are perceived by others. The same seems to be true about runners. (and probably every other sport)! I came up on a fellow runner that seemed to have put into use EVERY running product available! Handheld water bottle, Garmin, sweatband, compression bands, compression socks, knee braces, reflective vest, waist belt for ipod….and on and on. Then I looked up and saw the runners in the lead positions rounding to the last mile.

Shirt. Shorts. Socks. Shoes.

That’s it. I found that rather funny!

When I relayed this to my husband he laughed too and then asked me where I fall on this continuum of beginner to expert/all geared up to running ‘naked’. I had to pause and think a minute. I do like my app on my iphone that tracks my pace/distance etc. And being an iphone it also has my music. (I’m two for one there!) Other than that – I didn’t have anything else. So perhaps I am becoming a “real” runner after all!

….Although – I do have a love/obsession with Lululemon. I have to admit I do have a ridiculous amount of their products.

Oh, well.  🙂

Happy Running!


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