Success or Failure?

It really does come down to choices. All of life is a choice.

Am I going to eat garbage or healthy nourishing food? Am I going to wear sweats or jeans? Am I going to workout or sit on my couch? Am I going to go for a walk or bike today? Am I going to succeed (whatever that “success” or end goal is) or fail? If I fail, am I going to keep at it until I succeed?

Since the move and with deployments on the horizon, I have to consciously set myself up for success. Doing the parenting thing on my own is a bit daunting. (Have to give it up to the single mamas out there – its no joke!) How can I be the best mom I can be despite any circumstances? Here’s what I have done to set myself up to succeed:

Joined a gym that has child care. LOVE LOVE LOVE this gym. I would go just to be able to take a shower alone once in a while!! I tried a new group class at the gym. Scary and nerve wracking, as I didn’t know what I was doing, but – how do you get better at something? You do it. So I did! I have a bike and a bike trailer and a BIG hill right down my road. I can bike with the kids in tow or chase Jake on his bike with just Hannah in the trailer. They get a fun ride, I get exercise (and an endorphin high!) and we all are happy.

I also scheduled some alone time. I don’t know about you, but I HAVE to have some down time. Just to be. I made that happen and I CHERISH that time! And the side bonus is my kids get to interact, play and learn from their older cousin. I really love that. And it gives the kids and I both an opportunity to have a break from each other. (We ALL need that from time to time!)

Success is a choice. We can choose to succeed, or we can choose failure. But, Jillian Michaels’ says, “Why choose failure when success is an option?”

Why indeed?


What do you think?

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