I’m in the middle of a fight. A bad one. She shows up and challenges me. She thinks it would be much nicer, more convenient to just take a day off.

“Relax,” she says. “Come sit in the sun with your pup and just sip coffee for a while…oh, you could read your book! How long has it been since you read a really great novel?”


I would love nothing better. “I am kind of tired…,” I think.

“Do some writing,” she offers. “That’s doing something. Practice mindfulness. Just be. You know this time is yours to do with what you want. You can do anything you want with this time – and no one will know.”

“But, I’ll know,” I counter.

“Mmmm, leftovers in the fridge…they would be tasty. Another cup of coffee, love?” Distractions are her gift. “How about a quick message or two on Facebook? Ooh, hey. Let’s get some ideas from Pinterest!”

“I really should get moving. I always feel better when I do. You know, I’m doing this 100-day streak thing. I’d hate to quit when I’ve got such a good flow going. I’m on day 38, that’s almost halfway there…”

“Whatever. You know nobody cares about that crap! So you’re the ‘fitness-loving-type”? That’s just a label. Don’t let people label you. You can do whatever you want. One day won’t make a difference.”

“But I feel it makes a difference. I know it makes a difference. I feel better physically. I release endorphins that make me happier, and definitely more pleasant to be around. I’m more patient when I take this time to actually move. I crave it. It keeps me from feeling anxious and depressed, too. Movement helps me sleep better at night.  And maybe, just maybe, there might be someone out there struggling. If I keep pressing on, maybe that gives someone else the motivation to do the same.”

“Okay. Fine. I’ll chat with you tomorrow…”

And back she comes. Every. Single. Day.

Here’s to defeating my inner sloth yet again….



4 thoughts on “Everyday.

  1. She’s a sneaky one, that inner sloth. Especially when the weather starts to get cold. Way to stay on your streak! BTW, I am one of many who care and who are encouraged by your motivation. Keep it up!

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