Little Lines….

I have fallen in love….

With mowing the lawn.

Yowza. I really do lead a crazy exciting life… There is just something so awesome to me about that feeling of accomplishment: getting it done for another week, getting dirty, smelling that fresh grass and dirt smell, being physical- all of it.  (Yeah, and I’m one of those weirdos that actually likes the smell of gasoline, too!) Maybe it’s just because I’m all high on endorphins from my run this morning. I keep waiting for the “novelty” of mowing the yard to wear off, but even after 4 months – I still look forward to it.

I used to hate mowing the lawn as a kid, but I have to admit – I’m so glad now that it was one of my chores!

Life Lessons Learned from Little Lines:

1.) Hard work will yield results. (Even when you have to do it repeatedly.)

2.) Yard work yields great sleep!

3.) Mowing the lawn forces me to be a bit mindless. I can think about all kinds of things, plan dinner, plan the day – whatever – all while I mow the grass.  I think just being is good for my sanity. I’m a better mom when I’ve had “just be” time.

4.) If I’m truly honest – yeah, there is a competitive side that likes it when I get to my yard before the neighbor does so mine looks better, if only for a day! Ha! (Admit it! You’ve thought that too!)

5.) The satisfaction level is directly proportional to two factors: Riding lawn mower vs. push mower and the size of the yard. Push mowing and large yard = more accomplishment and greater satisfaction!

6.) Edging nicely adds the icing on the yard cake!

7.) Seeing lines in my grass reminds me all day how productive I’ve been. Even if that’s all I do ALL day!

8.) Gets me fresh air! The kids get fresh air. And it forces them to find something to do independently.

9.) Ice water, lemonade, sweet tea, or an ice cold beer never tastes as good as after mowing the lawn on a hot summer day!

10.) I’m reminded of a trainer who did a lawn mower cord pull move. She said, “Get that mower started with just ONE pull! Get Stronger!” I think of her EVERY TIME I start that thing!

11.) Knowing I don’t have to do it again for a few days is a nice bonus!

12.) For me personally, I thought when we first moved in we might pay to have a yard service not knowing how I might manage with the kids during deployment.  EVERY TIME that lawn gets mowed I am reminded that I AM strong. I CAN do this (and more). And I can ENJOY it!!!

Part of my freshly mowed back yard!

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