WonderFull Wednesday: Confessions

I admit it. Throughout the entire weight loss journey I never once journaled my food intake. All the statistics say that when you write down everything you eat, you eat less, you make better choices and it’s easier to pinpoint problem areas to correct.

I know this in my head. I fortunately had an accountability partner with whom many meals were shared per week, so I always felt like it wasn’t all that necessary. And I was losing weight and doing great so no biggie. Plus, in reality with my minions (aka kids) taking time to write it all down with a pen and paper just didn’t seem that feasible, let alone looking up all the calorie counts.

While I still have my accountability partners, it’s just much harder to stay on top of the food info when they live in Japan or Hawaii and I’m under an umbrella in the Pacific Northwest.

Enter MyFitnessPal.

I am so grateful and excited about this app! It is so dang EASY. You can even scan barcodes from food packages and it loads the nutrition info right into your tablet or smartphone! GEN.IUS. It’s amazeballs. You plug in your vitals like weight, height, goals and activity level and it calculates how many calories, fat grams, sodium, etc.! IT DOES THE MATH FOR YOU.

My only regret?

Not doing this sooner. I am a convert. I will log my food. How can I not when it’s this dang easy!?

Do you log food? What apps/ methods do you like?


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