Megan McClung Memorial 5K

In light of my husband’s family tragedy, it seems so insignificant to post my little race report on the memorial run I did Saturday morning. When things of this nature occur – it brings perspective.

Over the last few days I have been looking at my kids differently. When Jacob asks to push him on the swing (for the 5000th time), I find I really don’t mind. I’m definitely hugging my kids a bit tighter and thinking a bit more about what REALLY matters. Do the dishes really need to be done THIS minute? No, let’s go read a book or play outside!

I had found out about the accident on my way to the race. I kept thinking about the family and the shock of the whole situation. I just ran. And I ran faster than I ever have while pushing 70+ lbs of kid and stroller. I ran for Eric’s family. My goal was to do it in under 35 minutes and I did it in 31:19. While proud of the physical achievement, it was definitely a heavy hearted run….


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