While most of my posts are ramblings about fitness woes and wahoos, kid catastrophes, or other mommy “stuff,” today I just feel terribly saddened by the tragedy that happened to my husband’s family. You can read the details here.

The loss is so terrible, unbelievable and sudden. When things like this happen it brings everything into a much clearer focus. What is really important becomes instantly apparent. My heart breaks for our family’s loss.
Think before you drink. Don’t drink and drive. Ever. Period. It instantly and irrevocably destroys lives. Call someone and get a ride. The same goes for cell phone use in the car. Don’t text. It can wait. And yes, texting impairs driving ability THE SAME AS DRIVING DRUNK. Just don’t.
Hug your family tight. We are really not in control, no matter how we much we deceive ourselves into thinking we are. Hold on to the things that matter.
I want to spend them all a bit more wisely.

What do you think?

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