Green-Eyed Monster

I have a confession. Whenever I see my neighbor run or ride his bike by my house – I am GREEN with envy! I don’t normally consider myself a jealous person, but it never seems to fail, when my place looks like this:


this neighbor guy runs by looking something like this:
Okay, not EXACTLY like that, but that’s how I imagine he must feel running. Or how I would feel running without a stroller or if I was on a solo run instead of on the dreadmill stopping every 5 minutes to monitor taking turns of the current favorite toy. (And then jumping off AGAIN to break up the fight that ensued as a result of the turn taking too long.)
Here is a more accurate picture of what my neighbor looks like:


(Minus the beach of course.)
My neighbor does Ironman races and triathlons (or so I’ve heard). He also rides by on his bike occasionally. I’m sure he’s trying to figure out a way to swim by my house somehow and really send me over the jealousy edge!
I’m just intimidated. Sometimes he waves as he goes by, but more often than not he seems to be in his zone doing his thing and ignoring the eyesore that is my yard. Part of me wants to scream, “HEY! Hey you! Dude! Don’t you see my marathon stickers on the back of my car?! I’m a runner too!! Come talk to me! I want to pick your brain! Look! I have a bike, too! Oh and a bike trailer with giant kids hanging out of it!” But I don’t. I don’t want to be THAT of neighbor! Ha! (Can you say STALKER?!)
But as I sat blowing bubbles with my kids as he ran blissfully by today, I was struck by my thoughts. Whenever I see this guy I think – “Yep, must be nice. You can exercise whenever you feel like it. Probably don’t have kids. Or your wife is super supportive and takes care of them so you can do your thing. Or your kids are older. Or some combo of the above.”
I know I’ll have more frequent solo workouts when Eric gets back, (and I do make it work with the kids or have someone watch them) but when I see Running Rex fly by, I get just a hint of the green eyed monster rearing his ugly head. Perhaps I am a “real” runner after all – I get envious that I can’t always get out and do my thing too!

What do you think?

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