I Know What You’re Thinking…

I don’t miss much about eating animals, but one thing I have missed is a really tasty BLT. Or a BLAT (bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato) on toasted sourdough. There is something about the way the crunchy bread, complete with mayo all up in the nooks and crannies blends with the savory bacon, the creaminess of a ripe avocado, the juice of a fresh Roma tomato slice and crisp leaf lettuce. It really is the perfect sandwich. I grew up with BLTs. It’s handheld comfort food.

For many, the idea of giving up bacon when transitioning to plant based eating seems to be one of the hardest things. Once I made the decision, it wasn’t hard for me personally – once you know what it does to you, the pigs, the environment and the farmers it’s not hard to make the choice. (Cheese was my hardest to give up – I did it, but it was a struggle.) Now I miss neither.

Recently I saw Tabitha Brown’s Carrot Bacon video:

I LOVE HER! I love her so much I’ve tried a few of her recipes and I have never not liked one!

So I gathered my ingredients and got to work!

I wish there was scratch and sniff to give the full aroma effect!

Now, I know what y’all are thinkin’. I’m nuts. I’ve done lost my mind. It’s like cauliflower tryin’ to be something it’s not. I know.

I know.

And yet…..


I made this and ended up crafting these tasty words while I crunched and munched on the best BLAT I’ve ever had. It was DIVINE. The flavor combo of Tabitha Brown’s “concoction” as she calls it, with the sweetness of a thin carrot slice is the marriage of the flavor gods. I don’t know what kind of culinary magic this is, but it delivers!

Tabitha – I thank YOU!

For more information about plant based eating, effects on workers, the environment and animals, please check out the following sources:

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