I’ve been told that things I’ve done or written about have been inspirational. This has been said to me numerous times. It has me thinking about what I’ve done that’s really all that exceptional. I always think to myself when I hear this is, “Well, if I can do it, so can anyone!”

Perhaps because it’s me  – I find it all very ordinary. To put it another way, once you’ve run a marathon, a half marathon isn’t mentally as challenging. (Half marathons aren’t easy, but I’m using the comparison as the example. The same could be said for a 10k vs. a 5k.)  Once you know you can do something, the task itself becomes less daunting.  Maybe it’s just the fact that when you know someone personally, that change becomes inspirational. And this isn’t to diminish the change itself. It’s not easy, as most people don’t make drastic life changes. It takes the pain of change being less than the pain of staying the same.

Since people generally don’t do what it takes to change, be it losing weight, getting fit, eating right, changing habits, etc., when someone does actually break out of the same ol’ same ol’, it does carry with it a bit of inspiration to those in close proximity.

Maybe the inspiration factor comes from another place. A place of being willing to be open and transparent. I suppose I over-share through this blog, but I figure if I’m learning and growing and going through life, then maybe someone else can relate, identify or learn with me. At best, I hope people won’t make the same mistakes and learn and grow with me, or look at something in a new way.  At the very least – have a good laugh at the comedy show that is my life!

Either way, I’ll count working to change for the better and being vulnerable and authentic a win. And something I strive to do. Everyday.

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