The Two Keys

Today is day 81 of running at least a mile a day for 100 days. There are many nuggets of wisdom in this process, but two key elements that keep coming up for me over and over.

1. It’s a mindset shift.
If you don’t give yourself a choice, exercise is just a given. If it’s something you do everyday – you will find a way to get it done. The “choice” of whether or not to exercise is taken away. Magic happens when that shift occurs.

2. You can’t wait to “feel good”.

If you wait for feeling like it – it’s never going to get done. This applies to running, strength training, meeting new people – any area of life where stepping out of your comfort zone is necessary. What we fail to realize is that the feelings come AFTER the action. It’s in the doing that confidence is built. Go and do. Feel good after. It’s so worth it!

Have you committed to a fitness goal? What nuggets have you pulled out of the experience?


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