Hi, ho, hi, ho, it’s off to Idaho!

Leaving Moses Lake, I attempted another 5k on the hotel dreadmill. This is what I was looking at as I was running:


Sadly those little signs did nothing to motivate nor energize me as this is as far as I got before it felt like I’d been on the thing for an eternity:



Have I mentioned I loathe treadmills? I managed to eek out a mile. I looked out the “gym” window to see my minions playing in the pool so I had to join them for a dip before heading out to Idaho.

We made it to my sister’s place (after stops for gas and essentials at Walmart). I was here two years ago when Eric was deployed. Since then, they’ve added a few animals to their family including some chickens, geese and pigs. It’s just as beautiful as I remembered it, but love that I was able to get Eric here to see it!

Looking up from the front of their cabin! Blue skies for days
Tall tales around the campfire!
This roasting of a marshmallow is serious business!
Don’t mind the white powder streaking his face…we may need to stage a marshmallow intervention! His love of chocolate is only surpassed by his love of a giant marshmallow!
Uncle Dan is the coolest! Jake’s head nearly exploded with excitement!
Sorry tournament of champions!

We swam in a water hole, rode quads, and spent a great couple of days with our family! Kirsti and i also got in our 5k! (We ran until we couldn’t talk anymore, then walked!)

The minions embracing the naked woods.
Yep, the outdoor kitchen area! Roof for a Keurig? GENIUS!
Pickin’ daisies!
Chickens, ducks, and geese, oh my!

As always, it was hard to say goodbye, and the reality of this move is finally starting to sink in. Basically a month of saying goodbyes is making a few of us emotional puddles of goo.

Heading into Montana, we had to stop and let the minions experience the wonder that is Cracker Barrel!

IMG_6619 IMG_6618


Montana is stunningly beautiful, as is Idaho, and if you’ve never been, you should. It is simply breathtaking. Long when you’re driving across it, but so worth it! Last night we stayed in a less-than-stellar motel so i don’t feel comfortable going for a solo run. Montana may be the state without a 5k, but the day isn’t over yet! Onward!


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