The Best Laid Plans

We do love our plans. We lay them all out. We just know that we’ve covered every base, any possibility. Ha! Tell that to anyone who has done a road trip with minions!

Starting off the day with a good run, we finished buttoning up the house, said some bittersweet goodbyes, and passed the inspection with flying colors, thus leaving our record of never having to pay to leave a house intact. Yahoo!

All loaded up we head to the gas station to top off the tanks and get the cars weighed jam packed. Eric notices this doozy:


Why yes, that would be a random screw in the tire. Just the little piece of bling every tire needs for a cross country road trip! Not only did this delay our departure, but it also delayed lunch. Hangry minions + driving extendedly + emotions of moving = hot mess!

Here’s the breakdown:

Time we planned to leave: 1:30pm

Time we actually left: 4:30pm

QOTD via Hannah: “Are we in Texas yet?” We were in Mt Vernon, exactly 45 minutes from our now old house.

Leavenworth for coffee and taffy: 7pm

Arrival in Moses Lake, WA: 9:30pm

Biggest lesson of the day: Don’t drive into the evening. Why you ask? (Or perhaps you are laughing hysterically right now because you’ve done a journey like this with minions!) When we did finally lug up our stuff to the hotel room, the kids were jumping around like lunatics “practicing their moves”. (These would be light ‘saver’ moves. You know, in case we randomly get attacked by Darth Vader. Judging from their moves, Vader better watch himself!)

A good half hour of attempting to settle them down and they finally mellowed enough for teeth brushing and lights out. We also bribed them with pool time tomorrow morning if they would just go to sleep. Bribery works every time! Muahahahaha! I often laugh to myself as I remember thinking thinks like, “my kid will never…” or “I will always…”. HA! Nothing like a dose of reality to realize that we are much better parents before we actually become one!

Lesson number 2 gleaned from the day: it’s always a good idea to stop and take in the view! Heading east, we were able to witness a stunning sunset in our rearview mirrors!




After an eventful day 1, I’m hitting the sack! Up and at ’em again in the morning! They do have a dreadmill in the hotel that I will most likely use for my morning 5K. As my friend Susan says, “A 5k a day keeps the PCS blues away!”

I couldn’t agree more. Even if it is on a dreadmill!


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