When Coming in Last is a Big Win

Last year we ran the St. Patrick’s day fun run out on base. We did the 1 mile run, knowing the kiddos wouldn’t be able to do much more than that. We also had the benefit of the stroller while Eric was deployed, so worst case scenario, they could take turns taking breaks.

It’s amazing how much changes in just one year.

Today’s event did not have a 1 mile option as they did last year, but we did not know this until we showed up at the event. I asked Jake probably a half dozen times if he was sure he really wanted to do this race. He didn’t have to, I wasn’t going to make him do it if it wasn’t his thing.  If he decided he was going to do it, however, we finish what we start – exactly like last year. Hannah opted to cheer with Daddy on the sidelines!


This was us at the start line!



Eric snapped a few pics right about mile 2, and Jake was definitely “not so fired up anymore”. He kept commenting on how we were last. I reminded him that it never matters if you are last, middle of the pack, or first. (Yes, first is awesome.)

What matters is that you do your best.

We are always striving to improve, but we are racing ourselves. We race against the voice in our head that says we aren’t good enough, that we ‘can’t’. We keep going until we finish what we start.

I found it funny that right about that time, we talked about running. I told him that if running wasn’t something he liked, he never had to do it again. (He heartily agreed to stick to t-ball!) PSo often as runners we think “Why the heck do I sign up for this?!” Yet, many of us have stacks of bib numbers and race medals to prove that that thought quickly subsides.


The joy on his face as he crossed the finish line to high five Eric and I was magic. He was tired, to be sure! No doubt in my mind he was proud of himself.

But probably not quite as proud as I am. PRs are great, but coming in last with my son was the biggest win to date.


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