For my kids…

As a part of losing 50lbs, my diet changed. I do not drink soda. I don’t drink juice. It’s water or milk and coffee with nonfat milk in the morning. I have had 2 glasses of wine (separate occasions) in 5 months. I didn’t finish either glass.

When it comes to the kids, however, I have been giving them watered down juice. I didn’t think much about it, but recently learned that it has nearly the same sugar content as soda! Yikes! It’s the same as giving them a soda. Ack! How did I not know this?

As a trainer I know always said – why do you feed your kids crap and you won’t eat it yourself?! Your kids deserve better! I knew this in my head but always used the excuse that my son is EXTREMELY picky. Insanely picky. He eats some fruits and would live on cheese pizza and a gallon of milk if I’d let him. For the 3 and half years of his little life I have struggled with food with him. Probably making all the mistakes that will make food a bigger issue than it needs to be. However, after a trip to the dentist – and a few cavities – it’s time to become a little hard core.

So here is what I’ve done:

*I dumped the sippy cups (it was over due anyway!) Both kids are drinking out of big kid cups. I have been cleaning up spills left and right (but how else do they learn, right?)

*I no longer buy juice. They don’t need it. Milk or water. Period.

*Food is for eating at the table ONLY. Ugh. I love sitting on the couch and grabbing a snack. This is the one I’ve had a hard time with but I’m REALLY tired of stepping in a mashed banana or some other nasty food that’s been there for who knows how long. (Gross, I know!)

*The short order cook has been replaced by a chef who doesn’t cook multiple meals. It’s my job to provide a healthy meal/snack – its their job to eat it. If they choose not to, then that’s their choice. I’m tired of the food battles. (Obviously, I make at least one or two things that I know he’ll eat and one “new food” to try.)

*One bite rule. You don’t have to like everything, but you do need to take one bite. One bite will not kill you!

*No More Fast food. This is a biggie. I don’t go to fast food joints anymore, but Daddy still likes to. While Dad is deployed he is cutting out soda entirely. (YAY!) And when he gets back – as a family we will not go anymore. There is nothing there that will nourish our bodies. When ever I do eat fast food, all I feel is lethargic and sleepy. And gross.

Too harsh? Well, after watching this:

It got me thinking about some of the things I need to work on. I do not want my kids to have those kinds of struggles. Or wait until they’ve spent a decade being overweight/obese to finally do something about it like I did.

We will see how it goes. In the midst of being hardcore and making some new rules, I’m trying to maintain my sense of humor and not “cry over spilled milk” – and since we got rid of the sippy cups, I get to practice that at least once a day! Ha!


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