What I’ve been doing

I’ve been asked by a few people what I’ve done and how I’ve eaten over the last six months to lose the weight. So in lieu of writing everyone individually – I thought I’d make it easier on myself and just do a brief overview here….. (or, you know, not so brief!)

For me the key has been working out in a group setting. There is just something about working out with others battling it out that is such a great dynamic. Another key for me has been to incorporate clean and healthy eating AND exercise. I’ve done one or the other for limited amounts of time but not getting lasting results – or a lifestyle I could sustain.  Below are the three main components I feel are what made the biggest differences:

Clean and Healthy Eating:

I don’t eat past 7:30pm. I carb load in the morning and taper the amount of carbs throughout the day. I eat 3 meals, plus 2-3 snacks. More working out + more snacks (There is incentive right there!) The more you eat (small meals – not feasts!) the more your metabolism will increase. Don’t skip meals! I cut out most refined carbohydrates, so we now eat quinoa, whole wheat pasta, brown rice (made with chicken stock in a rice cooker! YUM!!!) oats, whole grain breads, pitas and tortillas. A TON of veggies and lots of fruits. I cut out juice and other beverages (soda, alcohol, etc.). I drink water with all meals and sip water throughout the day. For dinner its lean meat (chicken, ground turkey, pork loin, etc.) with roasted veggies and salads. I’ve been able to most nights incorporate and adapt the meals to suit my family’s tastes as well. Sometimes I do cook something a little different or adapt it to fit my kids’ needs, but essentially we all eat the same things. I also take good multivitamins.
This is just the guideline. I have had a glass of wine here and there. I have cheated. But it’s moderate – not a full on binge! A good friend told me that “Sometimes you have to bend so you don’t break”. But of course that doesn’t mean I go down and eat a whole pizza either. 🙂 (And I used to do that! ; / )


I work out 6 days a week. Ok – now before you freak out and think – “OMG! I could never do that!” Hear me out. I started slow. I worked into that. I joined a bootcamp class (Check it out! Here!)
Working out in a group setting is SOOOO much more motivating than doing it alone. (Especially when alone at home is in front of a video when that couch is way too enticing!) I started going 2 days a week, then I upped that to 3 days a week after I’d been doing it awhile. On the off days, I would run. I started out by walking. I did whatever I could for about an hour. (That’s about as long as I felt comfortable asking the kids to stay in the stroller. Their reward for “working out” with Mama was a LONG time at the playground to run around and be silly!) I started jogging until I thought my lungs would explode out of my chest, then I’d take a break and walk. Then when I’d catch my breath, I’d jog a little more. Over and over and over. It took time. And I was REALLY out of shape. Two babies and an insatiable appetite for yummy food will do that to you!

I also began signing up for races. I signed up for a 10k, a few 5ks, and then eventually a half marathon, as well as a full marathon. That helped motivate my training. Knowing each month or so I had an event helped me stay focused. And now I’m signed up for two biathlons…..and am trying to wrap my head around doing a triathlon sometime next year…..but we will see!

I also have THE BEST accountability partner. Some people can have their significant other be their partner, but for me it was my good friend who actually was the one who suggested we do this crazy bootcamp thing! She has been my rock and I really don’t think this would have been possible without her. We have slugged through this weight loss process together, getting stronger everyday. We text or call when we are having bad days, bad workout days, or bad parenting days. Having a battle buddy is ESSENTIAL! We help motivate each other when the other one needs it. We are genuinely excited for each other as each milestone is reached. We celebrate it together.

Other Stuff:

For me a lot of this process has been about personal growth. The pain of staying fat and unfit and unhappy was greater than the pain of change. Only, I didn’t realize that I wasn’t happy. I knew I had gained some weight, but I just didn’t want to face it. (For more of the emotional stuff, see this, then click on “testimonials”).

Facing it was the first step.

And every step since has been out of my comfort zone to some extent. But I’m learning to like it out here!! 😉 Basically I keep striving for new things – new times when running, new distances, new challenges and ways to incorporate the kids into daily fitness. I’ve tried some things and loved them, tried others and realized they just weren’t for me. Yoga, swimming, biking, running, trail running, hiking, even paddle boarding!

So – really not so brief, but now its out there and I can refer people to it instead of typing this out every time someone asks, “So how did you do it?”

It’s been an incredible journey and I’m very thankful for my battle buddy, my trail running buddy and my facebook peeps that help keep me so motivated! And a special shout out to my hubbs who holds down the fort and the two kiddos so I can do these amazing things!!


What do you think?

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