Whatever It Takes

Every Wednesday I get up while my family still sleeps and slip on my workout gear. Quietly, I head down to the kitchen to silently brew a cup of coffee, grab an apple and some cereal and gather my gear for spin class.

I love spin. Loud music, adrenaline, pushing beyond what we did last week. Then mixing it up and doing it again next week. The core group I teach are die-hards. You kind of have to be to get up that early, 27 degrees out, to come get sweaty on a bike that doesn’t move. I totally get that spin isn’t for everyone, but for those of us that love it – it becomes addicting when it all comes together. A good instructor you connect with, that challenges and pushes you to become better, a variety of great music that’s loud and motivating; it’s magic when it happens.

As a new instructor, I’m still getting my sea legs under me. With every class, the level of nerves has been decreasing while my excitement has steadily increased. I’m getting comfortable with the class and am finding my voice.

Today’s daily writing prompt is to “tell about a time when you were left on your own to fend for yourself, to show perseverance”. Today was that day.

When it all comes together it’s magic. When all the equipment fails, not so much. No microphone, no music, and only 3 people showed up to class.

(cue doom music here)

Well, the diehards stayed and so did I. I propped my iPhone up on the bike, cranked it as loud as it would go, and the 4 of us got our workout done. The spinning of the flywheel on our bikes drowned out the music. We muscled through and did it anyway.

Hopefully next week the equipment will be fixed and we’ll go back to making spinning magic!


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