Ahhh, Independence Day.

Yes, the big one for our country, but also the one that’s a bit more personal for our family, and for me.

I ran my first run yesterday. The first solo-non-stroller-pushing/non-dreadmill trail run in about a year. No races. No bib numbers. No PRs or time clocks. No having to ensure the minions in the stroller are fed (not thirsty, changed, happy, fighting with each other, etc).

No music.

Only the gravel hitting my gait, the beat of my breath, and the summer sun shining through the trees.  I was near tears; breathless and joyful, barely containing myself as other runners passed. I resisted the urge to high-five every single person. (On a couple, I held my hand up in the typical runner’s wave, thinking that if someone felt like it, they could – but sadly, no takers.) It didn’t really matter though. My ear-to-ear grin spelled out exactly how I felt.

In a word: Heaven.





And so much more. I can’t wait to get out and run today.


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