Food Faves

So here is a few of the things I am LOVING right now: (In no particular order)

1.     Coffee ice cream. I know I’m late to the whole “coffee party”, but better late than never! I really love just a nibble now and then. I really can’t keep ice cream in the house because I would eat it constantly! YUM! My favorite brands are Haagen Daaz and Moka Joe’s/Lopez Island Creamery! SO YUM!

2.   Quinoa Pizza Bites – This fabulous recipe! Pizza taste – all delicious AND nutritious!

3.   Broccoli Slaw – I found this in the lettuces//salads. Its just carrots and broccoli and purple cabbage julienned. (I love saving time in the kitchen!) Top with some cashews and some ginger-sesame dressing –!!

4.  Lasagna Rolls

These things are AMAZINGLY good – and good for you! Here’s the recipe.
5.    Dave’s Killer Breads. Great back story of how this guy found his calling to make healthy AND delicious tasting breads  – when he was in prison! Check this out!  I love the logo too – “Just say no to breads on drugs!”

What do you think?

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