All the Time

Walking through the grocery store, I have thoughts and opinions all the time; ‘Don’t buy that – you don’t need it,’ or ‘Ooh! that lettuce looks fresh, I think I will make a salad later,’ or even ‘I’m tired, I know I’m going to order takeout tonight, but my kitchen will be stocked tomorrow when I’m ready to prep and cook!’ When you have social media, when you are around (and talk to) other humans, watch tv, see and hear advertisements – basically being a human – you form opinions, right? Of course. We all do. About all of the things.

One thing I did not expect when I stopped drinking was to see the pervasiveness of the promotion of drinking culture everywhere. When I drank, I found the cute workout/drinking memes cute and funny. If I was being honest with myself – I also found them comforting. It was comforting to know I wasn’t alone. I felt relief that I couldn’t be the only one who wanted and needed to justify overconsumption. If something is cute and funny, that disarms it and makes it less harmful/dangerous/addictive, right? If the marketing is to be believed, it sure is. It’s weird recognizing bullshit once believed.

Case in point; I found this “gem” on my social media feed. Multiple times from multiple people.


Food is magic for sure. Over time, eating healthfully reversed my own chronic diet-related disease. But I don’t think one bunch of asparagus is going to save my liver if I drink regularly.

While I am not a rancher, I do recognize a load of bull when I see it. Perhaps a better way to alleviate a hangover is to not have one.

By not drinking.

Just a thought.

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