Hannah’s Celebration Festivities and a Weekend Away

On Hannah’s birthday, we attended Eric’s work picnic. There was a cool rock wall to climb. Hannah loved it, but liked the swinging back down more than the climbing up.


Eric got into it too, and made it to the top to ring the bell! Of course he made it look effortless.


And Jake climbed too!


And not to be outdone (and new me never says no to something just because I’ve never done it before) I gave it a go, too. I only made it up about halfway, however.


It was fun, and like anything else, I’ve never regretted doing something even if it scares me. What I was most surprised about was the amount of upper body strength that rock climbing must require. And I better get me some of that because I fully intend to do this again! ūüôā

We also had dinner with my parents at Red Robin where Hannah got her free dessert and balloons and gifts galore!

We then headed south to Everett where we attended a birthday party at the Imagine Children’s Museum. Before we got there, we had a quick stop at Target where we ran into Spiderman and Batman!

IMG_3546 IMG_3547 IMG_3550

At the children’s museum: (If you are in Everett – you must check this place out! It’s so AWESOME!)


Not sure who was having more fun….

IMG_3574 IMG_3579

Jacob loved the train exhibit!


Hannah was climbing walls. Again!


At the fossil exhibit! Jake was in heaven!


Getting a little help from Daddy!


A rare moment of cooperation!


Eric giving it a try!



Then down to Seattle for the baseball game on Sunday!

IMG_3667 IMG_3669


And of course 9 innings is a LOT to ask of littles to sit and watch, so we toured the stadium and spent much of the time on the escalators!

IMG_3682 IMG_3688

Then we got in the HUGE line as it was Kids Run The Bases Day!


So cool!


Hannah fell asleep just before we got to the bases – poor thing! she was so pooped!


Jake waits for his turn…and Hannah is OUT!


Great weekend! (But I think we need a week to recuperate!)

And….The Honeymoon Is Over

Well, not really. It’s just back to work and regular life.¬†We’ve had the best time over the last few days just spending time as a family and reconnecting and getting out and about!

The 4th of July was great – celebrated by going to a parade (complete with puking Jacob as he gagged on a candy he didn’t like), a carnival, and of course fireworks.

Photo: Love!

Can’t stop staring at Daddy!

Photo: Can't get enough rides!!

Big Fun!


Just being silly!

Photo: Ready for the parade!

We went to our local track (which is by the playground – genius!) so I could run while the minions worked on riding bikes without training wheels with Dad. Jacob rode his bike as if he’d always been riding! He picked it up quick! Hannah will probably need to grow just a bit more to handle balancing, but she’s anxious to learn so I have a feeling it won’t be too long!

We also ventured up to Lake Padden to run/play with the kids. The trail at the lake is beyond beautiful. Perfect sunny day for a trail run. The kids got to play and swim, I ran and then we all headed to a college baseball game, not that much baseball was watched. There was a bouncy house (which the kids headed straight for, of course) and face painting.


My scary minions!¬†This was Hannah’s idea. Other girls were getting all sorts of animals, fairy wings or butterflies. Not Hannah. She went skeleton all the way. Jacob originally wanted to be painted like a dog, but quickly abandoned that for the skeleton look as well. I find it fascinating to contemplate how these two little ones will be as they grow older.

And today we took the kids on their first ferry boat ride:

Photo: Fascinated by the water. As usual.

These kids are nothing if not fascinated by water!

It’s been loads of fun having Daddy home and celebrating. While I like to think the “honeymoon” is never really over – it’s definitely time to get back to a routine!

I’m exhausted!

We are back!!!!!!

We decided to move away from Facebook and instead keep up with friends and family via our family blog!!
We recently took a week and visited Maui!!!
 Daddy and Jake at Cheeseburger in Paradise!! Yum!
 Our good friend Kacee came too!!
Eric and I on Front Street in Lahaina
Hannah and Daddy!
At the aquarium!!


 Oooh! Look!!


Hannah has no fear! She loved touching the creatures!!!
Today we headed to Waikiki and played in the lagoon at the Hilton!
 She LOVES the water!!
 Kacee and I braved paddle boarding!!
¬†We didn’t fall
It was such a great workout!


Yay!!! I did it!!
Even Jake went for a ride!!


And so did Eric!
We had such a great day!! Stay tuned for more adventures……